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Condo Insurance

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Condo Insurance in Albany, NY

When you live in or own a condo, you need insurance that's designed for your situation - not just a generic homeowner's policy that's right off the shelf. At Capital Gate Insurance Group, we offer co-op, townhouse and condo insurance in Albany, NY or anywhere in the state from New York City to Buffalo - we can deliver the protection you need at a price you can afford.

Why Is Condo Insurance Different?

A typical homeowner's policy is geared toward a traditional single-family home. But that's not what you live in when you own a condo. In a condo, you need specific coverage that picks up where your condo association's insurance policy falls off. And each condo association is different in what they choose to cover, with decisions needing to be made on the building itself, commons areas, your personal property, improvements and fixtures in your own unit and more.

At Capital Gate Insurance Group, we put in the time and effort needed to ensure you get the policy that's a perfect match for your situation. With having 25 carriers we're able to shop your insurance for you and find the best possible rate. Other brokers often stick your business in one bucket without any attention to detail on the coverage that you need, don't let them maximize their revenue at your expense!
When you choose Capital Gate Insurance for condo insurance in Schenectady, NY or anywhere in New York State, we put the extra savings into your pocket rather than our own.

Your Quote Is Waiting

There's no need to wait when you need condo insurance in Troy, NY, condo insurance in Colonie, NY, or condo insurance throughout the Greater Albany Capital Region area. At Capital Gate Insurance Group, we can deliver your quote over the phone and even bind coverage in minutes - you never need to leave the comfort of your own office or home. Are you ready to get the condo insurance in Albany, NY that you need? We're ready to help!
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