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Affordable Auto Insurance

Auto insurance can be frustrating. You pay insurance to ensure protection if you need it. Don't find out too late just how limited your coverage is from an inadequate insurance company, call Capital Gate Insurance for a full review of your policy now. Make sure your information is as accurate to ensure you get a correct quote. At Capital Gate Insurance Group, we do things differently by providing affordable auto insurance in the Capital Region of NY. Our policies are affordable, but they also deliver the protection you need to make life easy in the event you have to file a claim.

Delivering the Best Rates

You'll be amazed at just how inexpensive our automotive insurance rates can be. How do we help you secure such cheap auto insurance in Schenectady, NY and the nearby communities? We aggressively pursue the best rates by working with 25-plus insurance carriers. At Capital Gate Insurance it's easy to find affordable auto insurance in Albany so click to quote now!

Bundle & Save

You need protection for your automobile and so much more. Take advantage of opportunities to secure additional savings when you bundle insurance for any of the following into your auto policy: single-family, multi-family, seasonal residences, secondary residences, mobile home, manufactured homes, condos, co-ops, townhomes, dwelling fire insurance, tenant coverage, vacant home, builders risk, jewelry, fine arts, collections firearms, excess liability and umbrella insurance. Find further savings when you take a defensive driving course. We also offer discounts for air bags, anti lock brakes, daytime driving lights and more. We can help you get the best rates on primary autos, antique and classic vehicles and more.

Excellence in Customer Service

At Capital Gate Insurance Group, we're more than just cheap auto insurance in the Capital Region of NY. We also offer industry-leading customer service. You'll find that we are responsive, friendly and knowledgeable, whether you text, click or call by phone. Do you have questions about getting affordable auto insurance in Schenectady, NY and the surrounding communities? We can help you get the best rates on primary autos, antique vehicles, classic vehicles, and more.

Want a Discount on your Auto Insurance?

If you are looking for a way to lower your auto insurance, let us know. Provide us with some quick informabelowelowe and we can send you a special link to help you get started on lowering your auto insurance. You're a click away!

We know where to look to get the best insurance coverage for you - at the best price... Remember, we only earn our money by saving you yours, it's that simple!