When you have an auto accident, it’s easy to get very shaken up. You or a friend or family member may be injured, your car may be destroyed, and often you are likely to be disoriented. The last thing you are probably thinking about is insurance. However, you pay for auto insurance for just this type of eventuality — and you need to prepare yourself in advance on what to do when an accident occurs.

When Do I File an Auto Insurance Claim?

You should file your auto insurance claim as soon as possible after you are involved in a motor vehicle accident. You should exchange information with the other driver and call the police department. Law enforcement officers on the scene will give you an exchange form showing insurance information for both drivers involved. After the accident, you should get in touch with your insurance agent to also report the accident and the details of what happened. At Capital Gate Insurance, we will contact your insurance carrier direct to get the claim started for you. Remember, we represent you the customer, not the insuring company, which is just another great reason to have our team work for you!

Where Do I Go to File an Insurance Claim?

One of the benefits of having an independent insurance agent like the pros at Capital Gate Insurance is we take the claim information from you and we file the claim with the carrier in direct representation of you, the customer! Otherwise to file a claim simply call your insurance company and speak to a representative of the insurance carrier to file your claim. This initial claim process is usually started right over the phone. Once the claim is filed it is important for following up, which is why Capital Gate helps our customers from beginning to the end with any assistance in the claims handling process to put you back whole again.

How Do I File an Insurance Claim?

Finding the right independent insurance agent is very important, which is why Capital Gate Insurance makes the process of filing a claim as easy as 1, 2, 3 for our customers! To get started, call and let our licensed agents know exactly what has happened. They will start by asking you a few basic questions about the accident such as what happened, who was involved, and what damages occurred. Ultimately, you will have to fill out or provide them with some necessary documentation. The insurance company will send someone to investigate your claim and assess the damage to your vehicle. The insurance carrier would also handle the claim if another vehicle is involved with your claim as well.

In the normal course of claims handling by an insurance carrier, once they have investigated and settled all claims, they will cut you a check for your covered damages and if another claimant is covered under your policy they will also mail a check to the appropriate parties on your behalf.

Auto accidents are something that no one wants to happen to them but sometimes are simply unavoidable! Because Capital Gate Insurance Group understands how traumatic an auto accident can be and that it is sometimes confusing to know who to call and when, we have many resources available for you to use as our customer. Just go to our website and click the “Report a Claim” button in the upper right corner. That will direct you to a list of contact numbers and information to answer your questions and to get your claim started.

The competition just doesn’t stack up to our service! From our family to yours. Capital Gate Insurance is here for you! Call today (518) 389-2610 to start a new policy and have our licensed agents review the coverages that is right for you.