Is My Boat Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

The answer to this question is mostly based on the specifics of your claim, but typically coverage on your watercraft extending from your homeowners policy is limited at best! While boat insurance is not required in New York to register a boat with the DMV, it is certainly a good idea to get insurance in place for your personal watercraft to fully protect your boat by purchasing a low-cost boat insurance policy from Capital Gate Insurance.

Just like your home, your boat can be damaged, stolen or destroyed, and having insurance is important. And the your liability that your boat may pose with damage to other persons or property is something equally important that every boat owner should consider when choosing the right insurance coverage for your boat insurance policy. You would want to have recourse if any serious damage or liability happens to others without risking everything you’ve worked so hard for!

But how do you insure your boat to make sure you are covered properly in any event the unthinkable happens? It’s simple, NOW is the time to click or call a licensed agent from Capital Gate Insurance to specifically review your situation on both your homeowners policy and your boat insurance policy. Together we will discuss ALL coverage options, and our professional agents can answer any questions that you may have so together you can make the decision for what’s right for you! CALL TODAY!

Boating season is just around the corner! And in fact, many boaters in New York State DO NOT have insurance for their boat that can ultimately provide them with the proper coverage they should have and give them a peace of mind while having fun out on the water! Let our agents shop your insurance TODAY and you’ll see why the competition just doesn’t stack up to Capital Gate Insurance!

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover My Boat?

A typical homeowners policy covers liability for damage to property and bodily injury to others when the watercraft is a sailboat under 26 feet, or when it is powered by an outboard motor of 25 horsepower or less. However, theft and sea perils, including sinking, stranding, running aground and collision, are surely not covered without having a specialized boat insurance policy. Not having the proper insurance or at least adequate boating insurance can cause headaches and heartaches. Protect your investment and your assets and get ready before the season starts. The more boats out on the water, the more accidents will happen – CALL or CLICK TODAY!

When it comes to liability, your homeowner’s insurance may protect you, but only if you have that very small boat, etc. Homeowner’s insurance may perhaps cover the physical damage to your boat, but it may only cover the damage while it is on your property, and only to a very limited extent. This of course varies from state to state. Again, for specifics on the issues of what is or is not covered with your boat, let Capital Gate evaluate your policies so together you can make the right decision for the coverage’s that you need!

With that, some homeowners insurance policies can in fact provide coverage for wind and hail damage, but with some weird caveat, such as if the boat is located in a fully-enclosed building like in a shed or garage, and on your property. This is why you need to know your own policy and exactly what it covers!

As far as actual physical damage to your boat — from something like a fire or vandalism or if your boat is stolen outright — your homeowner’s insurance will probably kick in, but it is unlikely to cover more than $1,000, which will usually be an extremely small percentage of the loss. As far as personal items on your boat that are damaged, stolen or destroyed, your homeowner’s personal property coverage may protect you, but only for things that one could reasonably believe belonged in your home. A stereo system that is built into your boat, for example, would not be covered by homeowner’s insurance. So be a smart boater and get the right policy from the professionals at Capital Gate TODAY!

Do I Need Boat Insurance Or Is My Boat Covered By My Homeowners Insurance?

If your boat or personal watercraft (PWC) is worth more than $1,000.00, or is larger in size, you should definitely protect yourself with a boat insurance policy by calling Capital Gate Insurance. Never risk or take the chance of loosing your assets for simply not having the proper boat insurance while you’re out on the water. Talk to our licensed agents TODAY! Capital Gate Insurance recommends all boaters in New York State have a separate and low-cost boat insurance policy from one of our preferred carriers, rather than just relying on your individual homeowner’s policy to cover a claim. Boat insurance is actually relatively very inexpensive, so CLICK or CALL NOW!

What Other Options For My Boat Insurance Are Available In New York State?

Insurance can provide coverage for some of the extras on your boat; but some coverage for those options may also be optional! Some of these coverage options might include:

  • Audio equipment / stereo
  • Depth finding gear
  • Flotation devices and safety equipment
  • GPS / finding gear
  • Water skis and water sporting equipment

In New York State, who has the best boat insurance rates?

Capital Gate Insurance Group CRUSHES the competition when it comes to the best boat insurance rates and coverage! We will find you a great deal on boat insurance that will protect you without gouging you on the premiums.


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