Is tree damage covered by insurance?

Winter in Upstate New York is always a busy time for the insurance industry. Between roof damage from heavy snow accumulation and ice back-ups, car accidents caused by icy roadways, and wind damage all around, the risks are many, including damage done by trees! Upstate New York residents absolutely know whether you’re on a windy walk through Empire State Plaza at the capitol, or a walk to visit Niagara Falls on any given winter morning, the right wind can almost sweep you off your feet. Along with falling trees and tree limbs the unpredictable temperatures can freeze pipes and wreak havoc on your car.

Point in case; one of the most common causes of homeowner’s claims in the winter is tree damage. Winter storms can cause trees to fall with their strong winds and the weight of snow.

How do I claim tree damage?

Most homeowner’s policies include coverage for fallen trees. Your course of action will depend on the owner of the tree and the property that has been damaged.

  • If a tree on your own property falls and damages your own house:
    • Take photos of the damage.
    • File a claim with your homeowner’s insurance.
    • Keep in mind that it will be subject to your deductible.
    • If applicable, get a quote from a tree removal service.
    • Your homeowner’s policy may offer coverage for tree removal specifically if a tree is blocking your driveway or wheelchair ramp.
  • If a tree from a neighbor’s property falls and damages your house:
    • The liability rests on your neighbor. If you can, have them file the claim on their homeowner’s policy to avoid a claim on your own policy, which can result in a rate increase based on claims history.
    • If not, you can file a claim on your own policy. Your insurance company will likely seek compensation from your neighbor’s insurance policy.
    • Similarly, you will want to document the damage.
  • If a tree from your property falls and damages a neighbor’s house:
    • Talk with your neighbor about the damage. Determine whether they would prefer to file a claim on their own policy or on yours.
    • Take photos of the damage.
    • Get a quote from a tree removal service.

What is the proper coverage for fallen trees on my property? Contact a licensed agent Capital Insurance for a free complete and comprehensive review of your policy to answer this question and to discuss all coverage’s appropriate for your unique situation. Are you a new homeowner with questions on fallen trees or a new policy? We love to help new customers! Click or call today!