Defensive Driving Insurance Discount

How can I get a Defensive Driving Course Discount?

Capital Gate Insurance works for you in finding the best rates for your New York State auto insurance; BAR-NONE over the competition. No one can touch Capital Gate when it comes to helping you get great discounts on auto insurance, truck insurance, boat insurance or even commercial insurance for your business. And of course, one great way to get discounted auto insurance is by taking the CAPITAL GATE INSURANCE state-approved defensive driving course now. An online defensive driving course is easy to do on your own schedule without the hassles of attending a class, and of course, taking a motor vehicle safety course will ensure you become a better driver! Let’s face it – We Love Great Drivers…

Simply fill out the form below, submit it, and we will instantly provide your link to the online defensive driving course to immediately get discounts on your auto insurance and take advantage of your traffic point reduction NOW!

Want a Discount on Your Auto Insurance?


Defensive Driving Insurance Discount

Can I Save on Insurance with Defensive Driving?

Defensive driving is a sure way to save money on your insurance. So in the meantime, while you're busy taking the course to get these discounts, our licensed agents can go over your policy with a fine-tooth comb to get you all of the other discounts or better rates that you qualify for!

How to Get Discounts on My Auto Insurance With a Defensive Driving Course Discount?

If you've already taken the defensive driving course, you've done the hard part. Now we'll do the rest. All you have to do is fill out the form below and submit it and Capital Gate Insurance Group we will find the best defensive driver discounts that apply to your car insurance for you!

How Discounted Auto Insurance With Defensive Driving Education Works to Reduce My Rates?

If you haven't taken the course yet, your first step should be complete this online submission to get the official link to begin. Simply enroll, pay the fee, and you can begin. Once your course is complete you will receive your completion certificate that we’ll be able to enter onto your insurance policy to receive your insurance premium discounts. This course along with working with Capital Gate to shop your policy to make sure you are getting the absolute best rates is the best way to lower your insurance bill.

The defensive driving course itself is a five-hour, 20-minute comprehensive driver safety course that may be broken up into different sessions for ease of completion. You will learn safe driving techniques, information about state driving laws, and useful facts about driver attitudes and behavior. While there is a fee for the course, you can easily make up the cost in discounted car insurance.

Is Getting Discounts on Car Insurance and Other Benefits of the Defensive Driving Course Easy?

Getting discounts for taking the online defensive driving course begin when you receive and submit your course completion certificate to Capital Gate. The main benefit of the defensive driving course is that it will make you a safe, and defensive driver. However, as the name indicates, many people take the course because they have incurred some kind of driving violation might be a court requirement to take the course or they simply want to take points off their license to avoid any license suspension or to prevent a future violation that could result in suspension. In any case, we understand the insurance laws, and we are here to help you in any way possible! A third benefit, and the one that will be of greatest interest to you, is that taking the course can get you discounts on your auto insurance. Everyone loves to save money! Specifically; proving successful completion of the defensive driving course can get you 10 percent off your auto insurance premiums for the next three years. It's easy to see how this is certainly worth less than five-and-a-half hours of your time and a one-time small fee.

Once you have completed the course, notify our licensed agents at Capital Gate to add your discount onto your policy right away.

If you haven’t taken the course, sign up today so you can SAVE, SAVE, SAVE, MONEY all the way across the board with Capital Gate Insurance and the defensive driving course. See you on the other side of completing the defensive driving course!