Homeowners Insurance

Your home is a treasured asset. Make sure you have the best possible coverage while paying the lowest possible rate. At Capital Gate Insurance Group, we offer cost-effective homeowners insurance in Albany. We have a proven history of serving homeowners in the Capital Region of New York, and we use our vast knowledge and experience to provide the best possible options for coverages.

Where You’ll Find the Best Rates

Get the most affordable rates when you choose Capital Gate Insurance. How are we able to provide the best rates on homeowners insurance in Schenectady communities? While some insurance agencies work with only one or two carriers to maximize their profits, we aggressively pursue the best possible insurance rate for our customers by working with more than 25 carriers.

When you pay less for home insurance in Troy, your mortgage payment will be less. A smaller insurance payment means smaller mortgage payments. Put the money into things that matter to you more, not your insurance payments.

Where You’ll Find the Best Service

Tired of poor customer service from your insurance provider? At Capital Gate Insurance Group, we provide homeowners insurance for Albany, and industry-leading customer service that focuses on your unique needs. When you call, we answer. When you reach out for more information via our website, we reply shortly. We choose to be responsive because our mission is to provide exceptional customer service to our clients.

When you don’t have time to review your homeowners insurance, choose to work with Capital Gate Insurance Group, and let us do the work for you!

Protect Your Property & Discover Savings

Each of our home insurance policies is different. Standard coverage means you enjoy broad coverage for your house and any permanent structures on your property, coverage for any damage to your personal property due to causes specified in your policy and limited coverage for items like stolen jewelry. Choose to bundle your homeowners policy with your automotive insurance and you’ll save even more. We offer additional discounts related to new homes, alarm systems, and multi-policies. We understand it is important you’re getting the right coverage for your unique needs. If you’re renting, items inside either your house or apartment are not insured under your Landlord’s policy. Landlords need specific types of homeowner’s insurance, such as dwelling fire insurance whereas you need renters insurance to cover your personal property. Call today and we can discuss the types of protection your needs require.

For All Types of Homeowners Insurance

What type of property do you need to insure? At Capital Gate Insurance Group, we provide home insurance in New York Sate, for all types of properties and situations, including insurance for renters, homeowners and landlords, single-family homes, condos and more. Our customers have a wide range of insurance needs and our team will show you how to save money on your insurance now and long-term.

That’s why you’ll find Capital Gate Insurance Group offers everything you need for home insurance in New York State.

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Your quote can be completed in a matter of no time. Are you ready to purchase homeowners’ insurance in New York State? Capital Gate Insurance Group is ready to take you through the entire process from the beginning to the end of purchasing and binding your new policy to make it easy for you! When you need home insurance anywhere across New York State, we offer a range of attractive options at affordable prices.

You’ll discover just how fast, easy and simple getting home insurance in New York can be when you choose to work with Capital Gate Insurance Group. Contact us and get a FAST, EASY, and FREE quote today from our friendly customer service representatives!

Ask us for your Discounts! - New Home, Alarms, Non-smoker, Multi-Policy

Each home insurance policy is different, but standard policies usually provide: 

  • Broad coverage for damage to your house and any permanent structures on your property (unless the cause of the damage is specifically excluded in your policy).
  • Damage to your personal property due to causes specified in your policy.
  • Limited coverage which is available for items like stolen jewelry.
  • Coverage amounts vary depending on your state of residence. Additional coverage for valuable items can be added to your policy

What if I Rent My Home? 

Did you know, items inside your apartment or house are not insured under your landlord's policy! We offer renters insurance at a low cost to protect your contents accordingly. Renters insurance is more affordable than you think, and getting a renters policy bundled with your auto can save you even more.

ASK US to do the work and find the best rate for you! 

If you own a home or building and rent it to someone, you will need a specific type of homeowners insurance, known as a "dwelling fire" policy. We can quickly produce a quote and bind coverage on this type of policy for you to meet your specific needs on coverage's.

We know where to look to get the best insurance coverage for you - at the best price... Remember, we only earn our money by saving you yours, it's that simple!