Apartment Buildings and Complex Insurance

Apartment Building / Complex Insurance

If you own or manage an apartment building, you need the right insurance. Whether you have a small apartment building or a major New York apartment complex up to 1,000 units on location, insurance is necessary to cover unforeseen eventualities that can occur when you have multiple families and tenants living in the same building.

Capital Gate Insurance Group has many programs for apartment building and complexes. We can show you the right insurance policy for your apartment building or apartment complex with the best rates in the industry for your needs. We will customize the right policy for:

  • Apartment buildings of one to five units
  • Apartment buildings of more than five units
  • Large apartment complexes up to 1,000 units per location

Types of Insurance Needs for Apartment Buildings to protect your investment

Naturally, you’ll need commercial property protection for any loss caused by fire, severe weather, vandalism, or another circumstance that causes damage. Your renters may be responsible for their own belongings, but you’ll want coverage for any furnishings or amenities you provide for your tenants. Our apartment building insurance and complex insurance programs also feature:

  • Loss of Income: If your units become uninhabitable due to a covered loss and you cannot rent them, this type of policy will keep you afloat until habitability can be restored.
  • General Liability: Whether you have a few units or a huge complex, someone is bound to injure themselves on your property eventually. You’ll want protection if you’re ever found to be liable for that injury. Apartment buildings have many unique business advantages but also have their share of risks. As the owner of an apartment building or complex you are responsible for your tenants and their safety. Capital Gate Insurance acts as your risk management partner by identifying and showing you how to prevent a loss before it happens. The right coverage can ease the burdens and ultimately protect your business assets. General liability apartment owner’s insurance should be a complete and comprehensive policy that protects you from the unexpected events that can happen. For example, general liability will pay for damages incurred if a tenant or individual is injured on the property, pool, gym, etc. General liability can also cover losses that arise as a result from your employees entering their premises to make any repairs or perform any such inspections. And certainly, if a tenant becomes ill for any reason from fumes or paint or furnishings you supplied, your general liability apartment building insurance can protect you from any expenses associated with medical care and other law suits related to negligence.
  • Equipment Coverage: This type of insurance typically protects boilers, A/C systems and other mechanical systems in your building that may break down.

Whether you want the most protection for your investment or just the basics in coverage, our programs can be adapted to your needs.

We know where to look to get the best insurance coverage for you - at the best price... Remember, we only earn our money by saving you yours, it's that simple!