Civic Organizations

Civic Organizations

Whether you formed your civic organization to help the community, bring people of like interests together or both, accidents and unforeseen damaging circumstances can happen to your organization just as easily as any other.

Capital Gate Insurance Group can help bring New York civic organization insurance to organizations such as:

  • Civic clubs
  • Charitable foundations
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Alumni associations
  • Cultural organizations
  • Garden clubs
  • And more

What Type of Insurance Do Civic Organizations Need?

In addition to standard property and liability insurance for your organization’s headquarters, you may need to protect your organization with:

  • Commercial automobile insurance, if your club uses a vehicle for any operations
  • Employee practices liability to cover people working for your organization
  • Cyber liability for computer fraud and identity theft issue
  • And other coverages, depending upon the organization and the facilities it operates in

Contact Us for a Free Insurance Quote for Your Civic Organization in New York

At Capital Gate Insurance Group, we’ll present your club to our network of insuring companies to find you a great insurance quote. For civic organizations that may have a tight budget, our ability to find affordable premiums can be extremely useful. Save money today by calling Capital Gate. We understand the value of community organizations, and we will pore through our network of more than two dozen insurance carriers to find one that can write a comprehensive policy at a price that will win your business.

To find out more, please contact Capital Gate Insurance Group today.

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