Fitness Centers

Fitness Centers

Fitness and golf are extremely popular in New York State, and you can be quite popular if you’re running a fitness center or indoor golf facility or a major golf course alike. But, one mistake many fitness center owners and golf course owner’s make would be failing to carry the proper insurance, meaning they’re one unexpected disaster away from perhaps being out of business. Is it time for a review of policy? Do you need to start a new policy with the correct coverage you should have for your business? Speak with our licensed agents today at Capital Gate Insurance.

There are several types of quality insurance for a New York fitness center owner to look into, including:

  • General Liability: Working out is great for your health, but it also exposes you to injury — everything from a pulled muscle to a heart attack. While you’ll have your clients sign waivers to use your facility, you still want to make sure you have coverage if someone decides to sue.
  • Professional Liability: No matter how carefully you vet your trainers and other gym staff, people make mistakes. In a gym setting, these mistakes can often lead to someone getting hurt. You need coverage to protect you in the case of an error by a staff member that causes damage to a client.
  • Product Liability: Even if your people do everything right, your products may not. Product liability protects you if a faulty workout product or nutritional product you sell hurts someone.
  • Equipment Coverage: Equipment coverage protects you if something or someone should damage your expensive workout equipment.

There are also several types of quality insurance for New York golf course owners to review, including:

You will need proper liability insurance that includes driving ranges, practice tees, your golf pros, as well as coverage for any fungicides, herbicides, or pesticides that may be used.

You will also need equipment coverage for damage to golf carts and any maintenance equipment used on the golf course premises.

Other expensive area’s you’ll want to have the proper coverage for is your golf course markers, paved walkways, and your irrigation systems that keep your course looking professional. Flood damage, equipment breakdown, and comprehensive liability coverage that protects your business when your employees, products or services  cause harm to other people or their property can also protect you in the event of any such loss.

 Do you have the right golf course insurance for your operations? Are you looking for a new insurance agent? Give a call to Capital Gate Insurance to speak with a licensed broker to get the quality services and the best rates for your business today.

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