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 Health Care Insurance in New York State

Do you have the best workers’ compensation home health care policy? If you operate a health care facility in New York State, you perform an important and needed service. However, when health care issues are involved, there is also a lot of exposure to liability. Even when you have the best of intentions, things can go wrong, and neither you nor your patients can afford to let that negatively affect your business. Your liability healthcare policy should be reviewed. Whether you are an expert in your field or you are starting your business, let a licensed agent at Capital Gate work for you!

That’s why maintaining proper insurances for healthcare companies in New York State is so important for health care providers alike. Insurance for health care providers allows you to keep doing what you worked so hard to accomplish — helping people. Capital Gate Insurance Group wants to represent you, with affordable premiums on comprehensive New York health care liability insurance and all your policies.

Types of Health Care Businesses That Need the Right Insurance

Home Health Care – Does your operation have the proper malpractice insurance healthcare coverage needed to ensure the success of your business? Workers’ compensation home care in New York State is one of the biggest hot-button issues for home health care business owners. Home health care is an industry that helps the sick and elderly keep their independence while living at their own homes. If you run a home health care business, you know that it can be quite easy for your clients to get hurt or badly injured. And no matter how diligent you are and no matter how much training you offer to home your home health aides and PCA’s, you rely on their ability and the quality of their work to help see that your clients remain safe. What if your client falls and injures themselves on your watch? What if a caregiver injures their back while lifting a client? Or worst yet, what if a client reports missing or broken valuables? As these are all a part of home healthcare’s greatest risks, exposures, and expenses, you need a skilled broker working for you to get the right policies in place. In addition to all the coverages you need to protect yourself as an employer of homecare workers, Capital Gate can help organize and acquire the correct policies and coverage for your entire business.

Health Care/Medical Facilities – A medical facility is a major business with a lot of insurance issues. You need property insurance to protect any and all delicate and expensive medical equipment, liability to cover what happens to patients in the care of your facility and the standard employee-related coverages as well.

Hospices – Being able to provide quality end-of-life-care is an extremely noble and important service. Since the expected outcome in a hospice situation is unfavorable, your liability concerns may be less, but they still do exist. You also may have additional concerns about the theft of medications you use to offer palliative care to your clients — potential theft you want to make sure you’re covered with the proper insurance.

Optometrists – Optometrists have the same liability concerns as other doctors and additionally may have inventory in the form of corrective lenses and eye glasses that you need to protect. You often will have very expensive equipment that can be tough to replace and simply cannot do without. The right health care insurance policies can cover all of these issues and Capital Gate can help keep your premiums low.

Health Care Staffing – If you’re responsible for staffing health care facilities, nursing homes, and other home health care agencies, a lot of your job is vetting individuals who come to you for job opportunities. You must determine if they are competent to perform the required health care duties and determine whether or not they have the right emotional, mental, and physical fortitude to do the job and do it well. It’s not always possible to get it right, and if someone you send to a health care facility makes a mistake, your company could be on the hook for the consequences. It’s very important to cover yourself with the right insurance in such an eventuality in your industry. Capital Gate knows the ins and the outs, so let us review your policies today!

Dentists’ Offices – Some dentists or dentist business managers may think they can get away with just bare bones minimal insurance coverage. Nothing could be further from the truth. Dentists are sued for malpractice all the time and must have the necessary insurance coverage to protect them. If you’re looking on your own, you also may find it very difficult to navigate and to find an insurance company that will cover a dentist who does implants, or any other somewhat complicated procedure. That’s why you need Capital Gate Insurance Group representing you and going to the market for you to save you time, money, and the headache of ensuring the proper coverage needed.

Doctors’ Offices – In addition to standard medical malpractice insurance, as a doctor’s office you will also need business insurance to cover any other liability that may arise. You could be exposed to a liability if one of your receptionists gets into a car accident while running an errand on office business. Your office staff could be injured on the job, or your instruments could be stolen. You will need a comprehensive health care provider general liability policy and workers compensation insurance to protect you from all the issues that can crop up at a busy doctor’s office.

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