Hotels and Motels Insurance

Hotel and Motel Insurance 

Are you a sole proprietor or professional manager of a resort hotel or a general traveler hotel or motel? If so, you can expect many lawsuits over the course of running your business and you will need the proper coverage for the best price. Hotels and motels are big business, and too many things can go wrong with so many people moving in and out at all times. Good New York hotel insurance and New York motel insurance is imperative if you intend to not only stay in business, but thrive in business.

Types of Insurance for Hotels In New York

There are a number of different types of insurance for hotels and insurance for motels in New York to consider. For your hotel employees, you will need disability insurance, workers’ compensation and a host of other coverage such as employee dishonesty and theft coverage. As you know, it is the law; New York requires that you carry both workers’ compensation insurance and disability insurance. And perhaps most importantly, you will need to carry general liability insurance for the property. So let Capital Gate Insurance do the work for you and present the best options to you that will meet your insurance requirements. There are many different types of liability issues you will need to protect yourself against if you run a hotel or a motel. Just some of these hotel and motel insurance policies will include:

  • General Liability – For injuries or damages to guests and their property while on hotel/motel grounds.
  • Liquor Liability – For damage caused by a guest that became intoxicated at your establishment.
  • Foodborne Illness Liability – For liability stemming from your guests contracting food poisoning from food you serve at your hotel or motel.
  • Pollution Liability – For liability stemming from your guests becoming sick from mold or other airborne contaminants in your establishment.
  • Employment Practices Liability – For lawsuits against you from your employees.
  • Cyber Liability – For damages sustained by your guests if cybercriminals hack your computer system and gain their personal and private data.
  • Commercial Auto Liability – If you have a shuttle service or other means of transporting guests back and forth from the airport, you will need a policy to cover it.

In addition to employee-related coverage and liability coverage, you will naturally need a policy to cover your hotel or motel building itself. This can include standard property coverage to protect your building in case of fire, vandalism or severe weather and to protect the property inside from theft, damage or destruction. You may also need coverage that activates if you experience a breakdown of critical equipment you require to run your hotel or motel, or business interruption coverage that makes up your lost income when circumstances force you to simply  unexpectedly close down your hotel or motel temporarily.

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While all of these insurance requirements may seem overwhelming, working with Capital Gate Insurance Group can make finding and binding coverage a whole lot easier. We have a network of dozens of insurance carriers and can help you find the policy your hotel or motel needs for complete protection and peace of mind, and we shop it! We work for you the customer, not the insurance carriers that stand to profit the most. We will get competitive rates from multiple sources to find a premium you can afford so your hotel or motel can continue to thrive. Contact us for a solid, affordable, New York motel insurance quote or hotel insurance quote now.

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