Manufacturer Insurance

Manufacturer Insurance Solutions in New York State

Do you run a manufacturing business in New York State? If you do, Capital Gate Insurance can help you protect yourself and your assets with the most comprehensive New York manufacturer insurance in the marketplace. Manufacturers can find themselves dealing with exposures with many risks that could be quite costly without the right insurance coverage for your business.

Capital Gate Insurance can help when it comes to manufacturer insurance in New York. We will pore over our network of insuring companies by submitting a multitude of applications. We present your business in the most favorable way to our carriers for you to bind the best manufacturer insurance coverage available in New York. Helping our customers get the proper insurance policies that fit the specific needs of their business and for their class of business is what we do. Having the right insurance and the right insurance company behind you in the event of a loss matters and Capital Gate agents can help today!

Types of Manufacturing Insurance Issues

Some of the different types of manufacturing that has special insurance issues can include:

  • Food and Beverage Service: When you manufacture food or beverages, you have to protect your product. Whether you are in the meat business, the fish business, the coffee business or the pet food business, if something happens to a large lot of your product, you could have a big problem. Your manufacturer insurance must protect you against spoilage in transit, food product recall and manufacturer’s errors and omissions.
  • Metal or Plastic Manufacturing: If you make metal or plastic parts for various pieces of equipment, the companies you serve rely on the soundness of your product. You need product liability insurance to protect you from your partners and the customers they ultimately serve if your product should fail. Metal and plastic manufacturing companies also work with heavy equipment. You need coverage that not only protects you if that equipment goes down and you need to replace it from a covered loss, but also liability and workers compensation insurance if one of your workers is injured while using the equipment.
  • Printing and Publishing: If you are in the printing business, you have massive printing presses that are at the core of your business. You can’t afford to lose one, whether equipment breakdown or from a covered loss. We will find you the coverage that will keep you afloat should your facility or printing press sustain fire, flood, vandalism or other damage. We can provide you with product recall and liability insurance should you send out a piece of media that is printed incorrectly and offer business interruption insurance should a loss of power or another event delay production.

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Capital Gate Insurance Group has the knowledge and understanding of the complexity of your insurance needs as a manufacturer. When the scope of your manufacturer insurance policy requirements need to increase, it’s simply time to have Capital Gate review your policy. If you are starting to get anxious about costs, don’t worry. Capital Gate Insurance Group is the go-to-central to find the right insurance policies at the right price that saves you money on your bottom line. We don’t work with a single carrier — we submit applications to multiple carriers for your manufacturer insurance so they can compete and offer you the best rate on your premiums. At our core, we appreciate and we know your insurance business is valuable. We make sure all the carriers we work with know it, too! If you need a policy in New York State that protects you the way it should and that you can afford, call us today.

Types of Manufacturing Businesses Who Should Call Capital Gate Insurance Include:

  • Appliance & components manufacturing
  • Bag and Box manufacturing
  • Computer & electronic manufacturing
  • Custom wood manufacturing
  • Electrical equipment manufacturing
  • Furniture manufacturing
  • Machinery Manufacturing
  • Metal fabrication & manufacturing
  • Metal work manufacturing
  • Niche snack foods / candy / bread manufacturing
  • Nonmetallic mineral manufacturing
  • Paper manufacturing
  • Primary metal manufacturing

We know where to look to get the best insurance coverage for you - at the best price... Remember, we only earn our money by saving you yours, it's that simple!