Municipalities Insurance


Municipalities in New York have very specific insurance needs. Failing to have the correct coverage can leave municipal organizations quite exposed, making it difficult for them to complete their appointed duties.

Municipalities need to be sure they have the insurance coverage for the community organizations that depend on them, such as:

  • Volunteer Fire Departments — Including VFDs With Paid Staff: Volunteer firefighters are heroes who risk their lives for their community and need insurance protection. Make provisions so all your volunteer firefighters and firefighting staff are covered with worker’s compensation, death and disability coverage and medical coverage for injuries sustained on the job. You’ll also need vehicle insurance to cover drivers and passengers of fire trucks, as well as any other vehicles the staff and volunteers may use on the job.
  • Schools — Including Day Schools, Boarding Schools, Public Schools, Charter Schools and Small Colleges: When your municipality has to manage a public school, charter school or another educational institution, there are many insurance considerations to factor in. Examples include worker’s compensation, professional liability insurance should a teacher harm a student through an error or omission, general liability should a staff member, student or parent sustain harm on school grounds and commercial vehicle insurance if the school transports students to or from the facility.

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