Retailers and Wholesalers Insurance

Retailers and Wholesalers

Should I review my insurance policy? Am I paying too much for insurance? If you own a retail business or wholesale business in the State of New York, there can be a tremendous upside, but there can also be a tremendous amount of risk. One of the first steps you should take to protect your investment is making sure you have the proper New York retailer or wholesaler insurance. Should the unforeseen happen, the right New York wholesaler or retailer insurance policy can help make sure your operation keeps running smoothly.

Considerations for Your Retailer or Wholesaler Insurance Policy

If you own a retail store, you must have adequate crime and theft coverage. A retail store is a beacon for thieves, as there’s no hiding many valuable assets that are within. Make sure you have enough coverage to replace the cost of any stolen items or damage thieves can do to your store.

For wholesale operations, a policy that covers lost inventory is also extremely important, as this is the heart of your business. You’ll also want to make sure you have sufficient liability coverage to cover accidents in your warehouse, as well as equipment breakdown coverage for the forklifts and other vehicles or machines involved in your operations.

Naturally, for both types of establishments, commercial general liability, property, and employee-related coverages will be necessary!

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