Disability Income Insurance

Disability Income Insurance in Albany, Troy & Schenectady

Insurance policies are designed to protect individuals and families from the unexpected. But many individuals and families don't always invest in disability insurance - insurance that provides income in case a breadwinner is out of work for an extended period of time. When you're just starting a family or beginning to take on some of life's other significant obligations, it's important that you protect your family and loved ones with a life insurance policy. And, at these critical stages of adulthood, you should consider the best term life insurance policy that fits your needs.

At Capital Gate Insurance Group, we believe in the value of disability insurance and we provide the best disability income insurance options in Albany. When you want to find protection against a long-term absence from work, make sure you're getting the protection you need when you choose Capital Gate Insurance Group.

What Is Disability Income Insurance?

In short, disability income takes over and covers your income while you're out of work due to illness, injury, or pregnancy. While disability income insurance typically covers no more than 80 percent of your income, it is available tax-free, which should mitigate most differences between what you were making before and what you bring in through your insurance benefit.

Different types of policies begin coverage at different times, provide long-term or short-term coverage and begin coverage for different reasons, including illness, accidents or something else entirely.

Income protection is fundamental. Disability income insurance (DI) is a unique and valuable product, one that forms the very foundation of an individual's lifelong financial well-being. It is also a product of which few people are even aware. Let's first consider the questions: "Why is disability income insurance important to me?"

What is the purpose of a disability insurance policy?

Simply put, it is to pay a monthly benefit to the insured if they are unable to work (perform his or her material and substantial duties) as a result of either sickness or injury. Income is your most valuable asset. It is income that makes possible the ability not only to live well today, but to plan and build toward a prosperous future. Younger people, especially, tend not to consider just how valuable their ability to work and earn income actually is. Most of us think of income in terms of a monthly or annual amount. When looked at over one's entire working life, though, it becomes apparent that the ability to earn an income is by far your typical client's most valuable asset. It is really a cumulative value of an individual's annual income - an indication of the individual's Human Life Value. For example, a 35-year old now earning $150,000/year could have a lifetime earning capacity of something like $7,136,312. This is a unique policy to replace your income if you are out of work from sickness or injury. Capital Gate Insurance can help you get the policy that is right for you!

Who Needs Disability Insurance in Troy?

If you're working and your family relies on your income, it's always a good idea to check disability insurance rates. Disability income insurance in Troy can mean the difference between your family struggling through an unexpected situation and making ends meet or not while someone is out of work. This is especially important if you're a single-income family or have a high debt ratio to income and need to count on cash flow.

Find the Best Disability Income Insurance

When you need the best low cost disability insurance quote in Schenectady, start with Capital Gate Insurance Group. We deliver value by connecting our clients with disability insurance in Albany that will deliver the greatest benefit at the lowest possible price.

We work with many different insurance providers to ensure we're always accessing the most attractive rates and terms for you.

What Sets Capital Gate Apart?

While we do have access to a range of attractive insurance products, it's our customer service that truly sets us apart from the competition. We understand that insurance decisions are sensitive for our clients, and we help them navigate compassionately as a source of knowledgeable guidance in the field as they make decisions around disability income insurance, life insurance or any insurance options.

For the best in disability income insurance and the best in customer service, choose Capital Gate Insurance Group. Contact us today for a disability income insurance quote.

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