Personal Lines Savings

Arthur and Patricia had been insured with their prior carrier for 20 years. The premium they paid for their auto and homeowners insurance was $2,209.00. Capital Gate Insurance was able to place their insurance coverage with one of our top rated carriers for $1,144.00 saving them nearly half of what they were paying!

Michael and Catherine were paying $3,759.00 dollars for their auto and homeowners insurance. They came to our agency and we were able to provide coverage for $2,885.00. We saved them $874.00, which reduced the cost of their coverage by over 23% , provided better coverages and placed them with an A+ rated carrier giving them the best of the best.

Alan and Leizbeth had been insured with their previous company for over 6 years. They were paying $6,638.00 dollars for an auto, home, and umbrella policy. Capital Gate was able to gain authority on thier policies, place them with a top-tier carrier, for $5,551.00 thus saving them $1,087.00 and also provided them with the proper coverages they needed after our professional review process.

Karen and Joseph saved nearly $900.00 dollars by switching to Capital Gate Insurance. They have been paying over $2,800.00 per year with their current agent for their auto and homeownerss thus we saved them nearly one third of the cost for their insurance. We love saving people money.

Sherry is an existing customer of Capital Gate Insurance and was paying $1,529.00 for a 6 month auto policy with a non standard carrier. During our internal renewal review process we noticed that her upcoming renewal was scheduled to increase by $203.00 for 6 months. Our team automatically re-shopped her insurance to several of our premier carriers and we were able to pro-actively save her $388.00 for her 6 month policy. We also were able to move her from a non-stand company to a standard company which will give her better rates in the future based on her good driving history with us.

Commercial Lines Savings

Shane owns a restaurant and he was paying $6,900.00 for his General Liability policy. Capital Gate Insurance wrote his policy for $2,400.00 through our restaurant program and saved him $4,500.00 on his insurance.

Sierra owns a banquet Hall and she was paying $9,800.00 for her BOP Business Owners Policy. Capital Gate Insurance wrote her policy for $2,016.00 through one of our preferred carriers and saved her over $7,500.00 on her policy.

Joe is an attorney and owns the building that his practice is in. He was paying $1,948.00 collectively for the General Liability and Property Coverage for his building and practice. Capital Gate Insurance wrote his policy for $604.00 through one of our preferred carriers and saved him $1,344.00 on his policy, essentially writing his coverage for one third of the cost.

Scott owns a tow truck and was paying over $9,000.00 for his commercial auto coverage. Capital Gate Insurance was able to place his business for his commercial auto coverage for $4,500.00 to save over half of what he was paying.


Colleen Kelly reviewed Capital Gate Insurance Group - 5 star September 28 at 5:39pm Katie is rockin awesome .. she took over and got this all done for me .. just love that girl, her energy and the huge smile always on her face, even through the phone you can tell its there !!!

Davin Iverson reviewed Capital Gate Insurance Group - 5 star September 27 at 5:25pm Shopped around ALL day ! All it took was 1 call! Very friendly and understanding to my situation! Katie was amazing!!!! Ty

Kristopher Magnani reviewed Capital Gate Insurance Group - 5 star September 27 at 12:39pm We love capital gate! Katie got me a super cheap rate on my business insurance! Thank you Katie!!


"I found them not far from my home in Colonie right on Central Ave. I'm glad I had them check my car insurance because I ended up saving close to a hundred dollars a month! Caroline is great and I would recommend them to anyone!"

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